This Math Teacher Earns $250k from PornHub

By uploading calculus videos.

Shuai Li
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Imagine you are a math teacher, and you want to help more students. So you create many awesome videos and upload them to YouTube. You wish that your video will go viral.

But unfortunately, YouTube is already a crowded room. There isn’t any seat left for you. Nobody cares about your video.

ZhangXu, a math teacher and a YouTuber, has been facing this problem for a long time.

By chance, probably for prank reasons, he uploaded his videos to Pornhub, a well-known porn platform.

Surprisingly, his videos suddenly went viral on Pornhub in 2020. It may be that the users on Pornhub are tired of watching pornographic videos, and it is also very interesting to watch mathematics and learn calculus occasionally. What man can turn down a calculus tutorial after watching porn?

His Pornhub Homepage

Till now, he has 4.3k subscribers and gets 1.4M video views.

According to himself, he has earned around $250k from pornhub.

En, what a funny story, I’m jealous…



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