Plot Twist: I Always Hear Arguing Next Door At Midnight

But today the security guard told me that there is no one living next door.

Shuai Li
2 min readMay 25


The new neighbor couple always quarreled in the middle of the night.

I couldn’t bear the noise and called the security guard.

But the security guard told me that no one lives next door.

I was taken aback, so I decided to go to the property office downstairs and wanted to verify it through surveillance.

But the property manager stared wide-eyed and said that the house had just been handed over and no security guards had been hired yet.

I panicked and contacted the building developer.

Customer service on the phone trembled and said that the real estate was shut down due to an accident, and there were no property managers or security guards at all!

This time, I didn’t know who to turn to, so I lingered until late at night, but went home anyway.

I was lying on the bed, and the quarrel started again.

I looked out of the peephole, and there was only gray.

Back on the bed, I suddenly realized that there were human pupils outside the door.

I rushed to the door again, only to find that the door was open.

The sound of arguing suddenly came from behind, and it actually came from the bedroom!

Suddenly, I woke up and found that it was a dream.

In fact, I couldn’t afford a house at all.

Then I received a message that the landlord asked me to pay the rent tomorrow.

The cruelty of reality is not necessarily less than that of dreams.

I lit a cigarette and leaned against the door.

Then, there was a quarrel from next door…



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