My Grandpa Had a Mysterious Box That Was Never Opened for Decades

No one else knows what secrets are hidden.

Shuai Li
2 min readMay 25


It’s been here for as long as I can remember, and it’s older than my age.

I used to ask my grandma where this box came from.

Grandma told me that when she and my grandpa got married, Grandpa suddenly brought this box.

At that time, Grandpa said to Grandma seriously: “Emma, everyone has their own secrets, some secrets that they don’t want others to know. Although we are getting married, I still want to keep a little bit of my own private space. Can you promise me never to open this box?”

Although Grandma felt very strange, she still agreed to Grandpa’s request and made a solemn promise. Grandma promised never to open the box, no matter what happened.

In this way, this box has been placed at the grandparents’ house. It has been 50 years, and the box has not been opened for 50 years, and the iron lock on it has been rusted.

“Sweetie, your father was also asking me what was in the box.” Grandma said to me, “But I don’t know either!”

“For countless nights, when I was lying in bed, I was thinking about what was in this box. What secret did your grandpa hide.” Grandma said.

“Could it be a treasure map?” I said to Grandma with a smile.

“Haha, if it was really a treasure map, would our family still be so poor?”

“Maybe love letters for Grandpa?” I said jokingly.

“Maybe.” Grandma said bitterly, “Your grandfather was very handsome when he was young, and many girls chased him.”

At this time, Grandma suddenly said, I promised him not to open the box, and I have kept my promise for 50 years. Now that I’m old, I don’t want to go to heaven with doubts.

Finally, Grandma made up her mind and opened the box.

Grandma opened the old wooden box, and there was only a piece of parchment inside. Grandma gently took out the parchment.

Is this Grandpa’s secret? My heart keeps beating.

Then, Grandma read out the contents of the parchment slowly:

Haha, Emma, I knew you would eventually open this box. You little idiot!



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