If Elon Mask and I were stranded in the desert, at what price are you going to sell us water?

Shuai Li
2 min readMay 25
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Imagine if Elon Mask and I were stranded in the desert and lacked water. They all needed a bottle of water to get out of the desert. And you happen to have excess water that you can sell to us.

I’m poor and only have 1000 dollars. And Elon Mask is richer, carrying a check for $1 million. So how should you price your water to earn both Elon’s $1 million and mine $1,000?

Here are some sales strategies.

Strategy 1

Set the price of a bottle of water to $1 million. Then bury a coupon in the desert and stipulate that the person who holds the coupon can buy water for $1,000.

In this way, because Musk is not short of money, he does not need to risk dehydration to find coupons, he will directly buy water at a price of 1 million dollars. And I would be desperately looking for coupons.

Eventually, you can sell water to Musk and me at different prices. McDonald’s often uses this trick.

Strategy 2

  1. Divide the water into multiple portions, and prepare cups of several sizes: small, medium, large, large plus, super large plus, super super large plus…
  2. For different sizes, increase internal capacity slightly but external volume significantly.
  3. Set the price of the largest cup of water to $1 million and sell it to Musk; set the price of the small cup of water to $1,000 and sell it to me.

Starbucks likes to use this trick.

Strategy 3

Add some sand to one of the water bottles and sell it to me for $1,000.

Then you can hold a launch event announcing that you have invented an advanced water purification technology. Then you take out the previous bottle of clean water and sell it to Musk for $1 million.

Apple likes to use this trick.

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