Humans Are Forced to Transform Themselves into Octopus Since 2035

A cuckoo in the magpie’s nest.

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Many years later, as the high-level alien civilizations were watched landing on Earth, humans were to remember that distant day when they got a warning message from the university.

On that day, January 1, 2035, astronomical observatories worldwide received the same message from the deep space of the universe. This message reveals the mystery of human origin and will profoundly change the future of mankind.

Emma’s new cloth

When Emma goes to the elementary school, she finds that she looks pretty different from her classmates. She has no hair, only a smooth top. She has four arms, and four fingers in each arm.

Some classmates think she is so cute. But more classmates were full of malice towards her, they even laughed at Emma as an octopus.

“Dad, why do I look so different from others.” Emma cried to her father.

“Because you wore a new dress earlier than others,” Father replied gently.

“But, I don’t want to wear this new dress, I want to look the same as my classmates.” Emma continued.

“Don’t worry, as long as you live a healthy and happy life, more and more people will start wearing new clothes like you!”

“Really?” Emma murmured expectantly.

That Octogirl Goes to School!

Meanwhile, it was headlines all over the world.

The Warning Message

Where do humans come from? Why is there only one intelligent creature on the earth? Are there other intelligent civilizations in the universe?

These questions have plagued mankind for thousands of years, now they have an answer on January 1, 2035.

On that day, human beings received three messages from the deep space of the universe.

First message:

1 million years ago, an advanced civilization Octo discovered the earth. They put their genes in the octopus and gave birth to Octoman.



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