Are Men Better Than Women?

The most depreciating behavior of men.

Shuai Li
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Yesterday, one of my female friends had a chat with me.

She asked me with a depressed face: Do you boys think you are as smart as Einstein, as rich as Bill Gates, and as powerful as the President of the United States?

Me: Of course not, I am just an ordinary person.

She: Then you know, a boy I was dating yesterday, his words and deeds are full of arrogance and prejudice. At first, I thought he was belittling me, but later I found out that he was belittling all women.

Me: Ah, unreasonable. Is he very rich, or very powerful?

Her: No, he is just an ordinary person with an ordinary job and income.

Me: Then why does he despise you?

She: Later in the conversation with him, I gradually understood his logic. He believes that historically, there were far more male scientists than female scientists, and far more male successful entrepreneurs than female entrepreneurs, so men are superior to women.

Me: Statistically, yes. But that doesn’t mean all men are superior to women.

Her: Yes. I asked him back: Are you a scientist? Are you a successful entrepreneur? Have you made any great contributions to the world? No, you are just an ordinary person. The achievements of those outstanding men have nothing to do with you.

Me: You are right, great answer.

She: He also said that most of the soldiers who defend the country are men. The life-threatening absenteeism is all male.

Me: Then what do you say?

She: I told him that I was not a soldier and was not directly involved in defending my country. I also don’t have the ability to do absenteeism. . . But. . . You are not a soldier, nor a miner. What does the contribution of these people have to do with you?

Me: You are right.

This is a conversation I had with a female friend of mine. She was so right. Although I am a man myself, I also have to admit that many men seem to be full of arrogance and prejudice. They mistake the contributions of other outstanding men in history for their own contributions. But in fact, these arrogant men may be just ordinary people without any contribution.

A man with a monthly salary of $1,000 laughs at a woman with a monthly salary of $5,000 for low income, just because the world’s richest man, Musk, is a man? That’s ridiculous.

All men should remember one thing:

All males are born from females.



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