A simple mind tip helps me run fast

Shuai Li
1 min readMay 24
by AI

As a kid, I had a secret trick for running.

Every time I go for a run, I fantasize about weird things. For example, I will imagine that the world is about to be destroyed, and that I am the child of destiny. I need to run to the destination immediately, pick up the sacred weapon, and save the world. Or there is a bad person in front of me, hurting my relatives and friends, which makes me very angry and eager for revenge.

So, my adrenaline soared, my blood boiled, I got a lot of power straight away, and I started sprinting.

Each sprint only lasts about 5 seconds before it deflates. But it doesn’t matter, I will continue to change the fantasy scene, and then sprint again.

In this way, I can regularly run in sprints. Although it is not very fast, it is still much happier than the friends around it.

But when I became an adult, I was not so “naive” and I no longer had fantasies. 😕 😕

Shuai Li

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